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We See Your Unique Vision & Style, We Are Here For You!

Supporting The Beautiful World Of Art!


“Art is the fertile ground upon which a better world is cultivated”

Black Diamond

The Mission

We provide a vibrant and inclusive platform for artists, both emerging and established, to share their unique visions, narratives, and connect with a global community of art enthusiasts, through our inclusive publications, engaging events,  create partnership opportunities, networking opportunities, and accessible resources.

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In the pursuit of our vision, every stroke of creativity, every note of harmony, and every spark of imagination will contribute to a world where art can be the catalyst to empower our society. Creating future scholars, inventors, scientist, and builders to shape a brighter tomorrow for all.

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We are thrilled to introduce our Artist-in-Partnership program, in which we collaborate with talented artists for a specified term on a diverse range of projects. These initiatives leverage the artist's unique skills to fulfill various functions.


Your support ensures the publication and events continues fostering recognition and appreciation, amplifying artists voices. Your generosity helps us make a positive difference in both the artistic and broader communities. Thank you for empowering the arts and making a lasting impact through your support. 


Sometimes one knows when there's a great connection or positive energy in the room or at an event. That's what I gathered from my first encounter with Pauline Samuels of Creative Artist Magazine. She gravitated to my artwork in amazement, like no one has done previously. This lady is someone you can truly build a life long business relationship with, simply because her professionalism and pure heart of having your best interest in mind. She prides herself in putting elite artist in a position to achieve success. I'm truly glad God granted me the opportunity to meet her at the Jazz in Pink 1st Annual Charity Golf Challenge. 

Clarence "Pencilman" Pointer, Artist

Abstract Waves


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