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Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through one of Southern California's most dazzling art galaxies and retail wonderlands! Picture this: stepping into Gustavo Arellano’s enchanted realm, better known as “Tavi Art”—where walls don’t just talk; they scream with vibrant hues, and every corner is a canvas bursting with life.



The Melodic Odyssey of a Radio Legend:

Iconic radio personality Pat Prescott's journey to becoming one of the most recognizable voices on the airwaves is a testament to a term we often use at Creative Artist Magazine, "art will find you and clear a path for you."

Kat Trevino

Enter The "Kattmosphere"

Kat Trevino is a versatile artist, with a mastery that spans across various art forms. With a remarkable career that includes 35 years as a graphic artist, Kat's experience extends into the realms of illustration, painting, sculpture, and photography. Her journey through the world of art is a testament to her boundless creativity and dedication to her craft.


Clarence "Pencilman" Pointer

Clarence "Pencilman" Pointer has carved a niche for himself as a professional self-taught artist. His medium of choice, the graphite pencil, is the brush with which he conjures his breathtaking masterpieces. The meticulous attention to detail evident in his work is truly unparalleled.

Artist-In Partnership Program

We are thrilled to introduce our Artist-in-Partnership program, in which we collaborate with talented artists for a specified term on a diverse range of projects. These initiatives leverage the artist's unique skills to fulfill various functions.


We take great pride in our extensive and diverse network of businesses, organizations, and individuals who look to us to empower artists in various ways. This network opens doors to numerous opportunities for artists, including employment prospects, avenues for art sales, access to galleries and exhibitions within our extensive network, and involvement in exciting art projects. These dynamic connections not only provide artists with artistic exposure but also offer meaningful income-generating prospects, ensuring that their creative journey is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Artist In Partnership

Jason Osiris is a California-based artist, armed with a Fine Arts degree from ASU. Collaborating with us across a diverse range of projects, from stunning artwork to the creation of eye-catching vinyl designs for printed merchandise, Jason's creative journey has left an indelible mark.

Artist In Partnership

Valentin, a California artist widely recognized by his artistic brand name ‘Valzart etc,' is a multi-disciplinary artist who first captured the attention of Creative Artist Magazine three years ago. During our interview, it became evident that Valentin is an exceptionally intelligent individual, akin to a polymath, with a broad knowledge spanning across numerous subjects.