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Vivid Visionary Artist Tavi Art

Updated: Feb 2

black background poster with a man with folded arms and words that say color is freedom Tavi
Color is Freedom Tavi

Immerse yourself in a realm where vibrant hues dance and every corner breathes life—a world meticulously crafted by vivid visionary artist- Tavi Art has been called the modern day Picasso!

Gustavo Arellano, affectionately known as "Tavi" is the man behind the establishment known as, Tavi Art, nestled in the heart of Southern California, isn't just an art gallery or a retail space—it's a kaleidoscope of creativity waiting to be explored.

At the core of Tavi’s ethos lies the mantra, "Color is Freedom." In a conversation, he expressed that his art embodies liberation, a tribute to his childhood whimsy that he still holds dear. He chuckled, likening himself to an adult with the unbounded spirit of a five-year-old, reveling in the joy of colors.

Tavi's journey to becoming a full-time artist was a mosaic of experiences. From delving into interior design to navigating the intricacies of the furniture industry, he eventually took the leap, transitioning from a conventional job to wholeheartedly embracing his passion for art.

This journey materialized into a gallery in Laguna Beach, where he earned praise as the contemporary Picasso, and blossomed further into Tavi Art, a retail haven in Huntington Beach’s Pacific City—an ideal destination luring both locals and the multitude of tourists drawn to Surf City year-round. Located on the second level by the large Outdoor Digital Screen and just across from H&M.


Elevating his creative prowess, Tavi ventured into the realm of streetwear, strutting his designs down the runways of Fashion Week. His art and fashion captivated audiences, earning him accolades, including the prestigious "Best Designer" title at the Los Angeles Fashion Show.


a man holding a blue and white woman's jumpsuit in a art gallery
Tavi- Artful Jumpsuit

Welcome to Tavi Land—where Color is Freedom. Tavi shared that his aim was not to create a typical gallery space; he wanted visitors to engage with his art. His pieces, adorned with multiple layers, textures, and a glossy epoxy finish, offer a three-dimensional experience, urging tactile exploration. Tavi enriched his new retail space with not only his colorful art, he started putting it on everything from, men’s underwear, men’s suit jackets, lunch boxes, watches, tote bags, pillows, socks and his stunning one of a kind denim jackets.  And you can’t be in a place called Surf City without adding art to skateboards and surfboards.  All of which can be found at Tavi Art.

Watch our epic gallery tour of Tavi Art Gallery/Retail Store to see this incredible retail space and see his personalized gift to everyone who purchases an item from his establishment.

Regarding the genre of his art, Tavi acknowledges that some may label it as pop art, yet he insists it’s his unique style, never intentionally set out to fit that category. What's remarkable is that every artwork is one-of-a-kind, and collectors embrace their uniqueness, knowing they possess an exclusive piece.


family of of 6 boys with their grandfather in a field with brick building in the background and clothes on a line behind them.
Young Tavi with family

The essence of Tavi’s resilience traces back to humble beginnings amid adversities in Edinburg, Texas as a child. His determination to defy the odds shaped his journey, embodying the unwavering belief that "anything is possible.” The word no does not exist for him. Instead he finds solutions and answers.


At events, Tavi’s entourage of brand ambassadors, donning Tavi gear, creates a buzz around him. These ambassadors embody the colorful love that Tavi espouses. He particularly praised Damaris Batres (IG: @littlemiss_makeup_), highlighting her multifaceted role as a model, brand ambassador, and PR person—a vital part of his brand.

Drawing from his years of experience, Tavi offers a three-month mentorship program for aspiring artists, educating them on branding and style development. He emphasizes the importance of detaching from one's art to avoid hindering artistic success, a sentiment echoed by Creative Artist Magazine.


Looking ahead, Tavi envisions global expansion for his streetwear line, aiming to secure a larger space housing a showroom for both his art and clothing lines. His goal is to also create a space to teach art and mentor budding artists.

Tavi’s philanthropy shines through his dedication to various causes, including a recent holiday toy drive for Waymakers Youth Shelter, along with support for youth shelter organizations across the country.

In a heartfelt gesture, Tavi generously donated four large original artworks to Creative Artist Magazine Inc., furthering their mission of empowering art communities through support, mentorship, and fostering creativity and mental well-being.

Follow Creative Artist Magazine Inc. to learn more about acquiring one of these exquisite works or join their mailing list to stay updated on their initiatives.

Tavi Art isn’t just about art; it's a testament to resilience, an ode to freedom through colors—a celebration of life itself.

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this was truly amazing to read and see. I love the art gallery. I would definitely enjoy to see more.

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